August 20, 2019


Caregiving industry is generating with increasing help being sought by all classes and ages equally. Blame it on today’s busy lifestyle or the forbidden emotional attachments; people are increasingly becoming dependent on caregivers. Particularly when it comes to baby care, the process involves a lot of love, patience, and attention. That is why Confinement nannies are in huge demand, what with a greaternumber of mothers opting to work in very less time after delivery. A career in confinement is engaging as well as lucrative. There are many benefits that a nanny can expect apart from monthly salary. Among them, confinement nanny medical insurance is also one which covers nannies from various risks or damages while at work.


What kind of Insurance can one expect?

 Caregiver Asia, in collaboration with Great Eastern, has allowed for Personal Indemnity Insurance or Medical Malpractice Insurance. This is a kind of Liability Insurance distributed by Caregiver Asia and underwritten by Great Eastern General Insurance Limited through which an insured can be protected from claims raised against them by caretakers for not rendering medical services that may cause sickness, injury or illness of the party.   An Insured has to get oneself registered with Caregiver Asia to avail this.

This policy covers the following points in favor of the caregiver against any costs and compensations payable as legal liability to their clients:

  • Emergency first aid
  • Missing of documents
  • Libel and slander
  • Legal and estate representatives
  • Breach of confidentiality