The advantages of a serviced apartment as opposed to a hotel

There is no single definition of “Serviced Apartments,” however accommodations in this category may include boarding homes, apart-hotels, long-stay motels, and many others. The serviced apartments in singapore for a week provide the added benefit of hotel-like comforts throughout your extended stay and are becoming increasingly popular among tourists as a result.

  • To reflect the lengthy stay booking, the nightly rate decreases as the duration increases. The option for guests staying in a serviced apartment to cook for themselves and not rack up additional expenditures on meals, drinks, mini-bar usage, laundry, and other services often given and charged by hotels is a big added benefit for businesses.
  • Another advantage is the option to find homes with varied bedroom counts, which is useful when more than one person is travelling and allows colleagues to live under the same roof at a far lower cost than booking individual hotel rooms.
  • Serviced apartments provide the same level of accommodation as many high-end hotels. This is what they compete against, thus owners ensure that the furniture and furnishings are of excellent quality. Bed and towels are given, as well as a fully equipped kitchen, which may include a dishwasher and washing machine or one may be available centrally, TV, DVD, and broadband.
  • As business travel has expanded to cover more global assignments and prolonged stays, so have business travellers’ needs. As tourists demand greater room, amenities, and a home-like setting, serviced apartments in singapore for a week will prosper and become an essential housing alternative.