Glutathione – Antioxidant for Anti-Aging and Sports Performance

There is a whole lot of buzz and information about anti-oxidant supplements. The most well known are vitamins E and C. Our cells are constantly under attack by free radicals. They are dangerous naturally occurring substances that could lead to a reduction of our cells’ ability to function optimally.

As we get older, and expose our bodies to stress, chemicals, pollutants, and typical lifestyle habits, we start to eliminate energy, energy, mental alertness, and much more. Anti-oxidants are therefore crucial to the role of our cells.

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The focus of this guide is on Glutathione GSH, a protein made from the amino acids cysteine, glutei acid and lysine. It is among the most significant elements of this anti-oxidant defence system according to the Aurora Health Care web site.

The Journal of Nutrition reported that Glutathione has a significant role in anti-oxidant protection, nutrient metabolism and regulation of cellular events. A lack stresses this oxidative system that plays an integral role in aging and the many disease conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, seizure disorder, cancer, heart attack, stroke and diabetes to name a few.

Today, athletes are also using glutathione for possible sports enhancement. Training can overwhelm the immune system and the body  cannot eliminate excess free radicals quickly enough. This can lead to fatigue, muscle soreness and sometimes pain.

Glutathione helps neutralize these free radicals. Athletes who have tried the product have reported summit or improved Lone Star Centers performance levels and a faster recovery time after workouts or matches.  It seems that taking Glutathione is secure in normal doses, though it should be avoided in people with milk allergies and in those who have received an organ transplant Web MD

Glutathione occurs naturally in many foods, and people who eat well probably have enough in their diets. The keyword is probably. The strains and stresses of our everyday lives are continuously depleting our bodies. This imbalance is an integral factor in several disease processes.

Since the Glutathione decreases, your immune system weakens. This is a natural part of the aging process, but it can be slowed and reversed by taking supplements just like with other vitamins. Lots of men and women get up every morning and take multivitamins to provide themselves an energy increase, prevent illness and several other benefits.

However, not everybody changes their diet or ingests enough antioxidants to protect themselves from disease because of immune weakness. Glutathione is a scientifically proven anti-oxidant that is of intense importance to the body’s function at a cellular level.

Glutathione intake should be strongly considered on a daily basis to be proactive not reactive with regard to a person’s health if one  cannot meet those requirements with the perfect nutrition.